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Help parents navigate and become knowledgeable in the

exceptional education, IEP 

process, data collection,

progress monitoring, conflict resolution, gifted education,

504 process, etc.

I trained as an non-attorney Advocate through The Institute for Special Education Advocacy (ISEA) and Kansas State Department of Education (as an advocate for children in the foster care system).  


I am skilled in obtaining the appropriate support for students with a variety of disabilities including, but not limited to: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Reading/Writing/Math, Social/Emotional, Behavioral, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Executive Functioning, Developmental, Cognitive and Physical. I participate in extended learning opportunities to expand knowledge and learn more about the latest in my areas of focus. I advocate for students one-on-one and for all students with and without disabilities, at the District and State levels. I am active in being part of the change. 


I assist students/parents through Strategic Planning, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution to help Bridge the Gap for their child in the educational setting. This is achieved by working through direct advocacy with the schools in partnership with parents.   


Consult with parents, school districts, school building administration and staff, etc. 

My Consulting and Advocacy grew out of two grass root parent support groups I created and facilitated.  Both groups grew to become a self-sustaining entity.  I provided to parents the information and resources I acquired and studied over time regarding the exceptional and gifted educational needs of children.


 My consultation was sought out by parents for their child's individual needs, and by community entities for assistance in their operations.  I have worked very close with all levels of education from Superintendents to teaching staff. I have been a member of several School District advisory committees for Exceptional Education, as well as a committee member for General Education, Policy review and District Strategic Planning for Exceptional/General Education. I am also an appointed member of the Colorado Special Education Advisory Committee (CSEAC).


I consult in person, via telephone/video conferencing in several areas, to include; IEP Process/Content, Measurable Goals, Progress Monitoring, Data Collection, Service Provision, Behavior Plans, Evaluations and Eligibility Reports, Resources, Creative Problem Solving and Executive Function. 


Negotiation, Parent/School Relations, Leadership, Creative Problem Solving, IEP Processes, Data Collection, Progress Monitoring, Etc.

My Public Speaking and Training grew out of the support groups I developed, in which I spoke to parents about the importance of participation in their child's education and educating themselves on the laws that support their child's exceptional needs. From my group interaction, word spread to educational entities, community organizations and other parent groups.  


I receive invitations to speak to educators, leaders and parents alike about exceptional education, support groups, ways to assist/support families and children at school and home, and the importance of parental and leadership involvement  and collaboration in the education of children with disabilities.  


Areas of public speak include; Negotiation, Parent/School Relations, IEP Process, Development of Support Groups/Topics, Leadership, Creative Problem Solving, Data Collection, Executive Function, etc.


Executive Function (EF) Coaching, In-Home support to meet the needs of the student and family

As the parent of children with special needs, I have spent over 25 years educating myself, finding tools, implementing those tools and evaluating what works and doesn't work for my child. This has allowed me to broaden my knowledge base and deepen my understanding or the needs of children at school and at home. 


That path created a opportunity to share and assist parents in doing the same for their child. I work with parents and students to find the proper tools and supports to create a more functional and happy environment for the individual and as needed, the family.  

As an Executive Function Coach I work with students Middle School - College on individualized executive function (EF) skill acquisition using real life situations from school, home, life and work. Coaching can be done in-person at an agreed upon location or via video conferencing

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