Educational Advocacy & Consulting - 

Direct Advocacy in IEP Process meetings with schools, Consulting with parents (and students where appropriate) in person or by phone/video to discuss areas of concern and needs for the student, assist parents in decision making and processing of their student's IEP or 504 Plan, etc.

  • Initial Consult Fee - $65.00 for one hour

  • General Consulting - Hourly Rates Vary *

  • Direct (In-Meeting) Advocacy - Hourly Rates Vary *

  • Package Plan Options available (Consulting and Consulting w/In-Meeting) **

  • Travel Time is at 50% of the regular hourly rates

  • Expenses (if applicable)

Executive Function Coaching - 

Work with students Middle School - College on individualized executive function (EF) skill acquisition using real life situations from school, home, life and work. Coaching can be done in-person at an agreed upon location or via video conferencing.

  • Executive Function Coaching Fee - $75.00 hourly rate *

  • Package Plan Options available **

  • Travel time is at 50% of the regular hourly rate (only if coaching is done in-person)

  • Expenses (if applicable)

Public Speaking & Training -

Training for Parent, Community and School Forums covering topics concerning Exceptional Education, IEP & 504 Plan Processes, Conflict and Negotiations, Parent and School Team/Relationship Building.

  • Public Speaking and Training - Fee Varies

  • Travel Time will be built into the fee

Military Rates Available

*Retainer fee required with Agreement, based on individual client case.

**Plan Option Package Rate required with Agreement