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Educational Consulting & Advocacy - 

Consulting with parents (and students where appropriate) in person or by phone/video to discuss areas of concern and needs for the student, assist parents in decision making and processing of their student's IEP or 504 Plan, etc. Direct Advocacy in IEP Process meetings with schools,

  • Initial Consult Fee - $95.00 per hour (maximum 2 hours)

  • General Consulting

  • Direct (In-Meeting) Advocacy

  • Discounted Hourly Rate Plan Options available (Consulting and Consulting w/In-Meeting)

  • Travel hourly rate

  • Expenses (as applicable)

Executive Function Coaching - 

Work with students Middle School - College on individualized executive function (EF) skill acquisition using real life situations from school, home, life and work. Coaching can be done in-person at an agreed upon location or via video conferencing.

  • Executive Function Coaching hourly rate

  • Package Plan options available 

  • Travel hourly rate (only if coaching is done in-person)

  • Expenses (as applicable)

Public Speaking & Training -

Training for Parent, Community and School Forums covering topics concerning Exceptional Education, IEP & 504 Plan Processes, Conflict and Negotiations, Parent and School Team/Relationship Building.

  • Public Speaking and Training - Fee Varies

  • Travel Time will be built into the fee

Military Rates Available

Signed Agreement is required for services.

Retainer Fee required with Agreement, based on individual client case requirements.

To access the Discounted Hourly Rate Plan option it must be chosen as part of the Agreement.

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